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Most of the questions below have a description of what we are looking for. In addition, see the existing unit guides within the SAS guide for examples.

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Specify WHICH learning activities were recorded. How did the style of the learning activities lend themselves to being recorded? Was it (interactivity aside) essentially the same as being there or was there some aspects that you needed to attend to gain access to? Did the lecturer hand write notes on the board? (Was this an issue?)
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e.g. computer software (R, excel etc.), career advice, real-world applications, business understanding, industry representative presentations etc.
We understand this is highly subjective but it helps answer the frequently asked question "was that unit hard". We will accept half points if you so please. You may wish to be informed by the ratings given to other units to gain a relative measure of difficulty.
You may also wish to place a justification for the difficulty rating you gave here. You may have a particular assessment you see as noteworthy (or indeed infamous) or some tips for success in the unit. Provide anything you are yet to tell us but you think is important here.
State the unit name/code and topics from the previous unit from the previous unit. Describe how they were useful for the unit you are reviewing. The previous units you mention do NOT necessarily have to be prerequisites.
Was there any overlap with a unit you took at the same time.
(Topics to keep your notes for). If you happen to know of knowledge in this unit that is useful for units taken in future let us know.
To your knowledge will the same lecturer still be lecturing the unit in its next offering. Should a change in teaching staff occur is this likely to significantly change the unit (e.g. due to the idiosyncratic style of the lecturer). Do you know of any other changes that might happen that will effect the unit (e.g. curriculum changes).