The Actuarial Science major offered by Curtin University is a way of achieving Part I of a prospective actuary's educational journey. Part I is divided into 8 Core Technical (CT) subjects:

  • CT1: Financial Mathematics
  • CT2: Finance and Financial Reporting
  • CT3: Probability and Mathematical Statistics
  • CT4: Models
  • CT5: Contingencies
  • CT6: Statistical Methods
  • CT7: Business Economics
  • CT8: Financial Economics

For each CT subject, there is a corresponding satellite exam, hosted by the UK organisation, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IoFA). As an accredited university, Curtin may afford Actuarial Science students the opportunity to gain exemptions from these exams throughout their degree if they average of 73+ and a minimum of 65 in the units relating to each CT. The previously mentioned external exams can be sat if a student does not achieve the required score. The CT subject to Curtin unit mapping is shown below. More information regarding the pathway to becoming an actuary can be found via the Actuaries Institute website. Please note that passing CT subjects is only necessary for pursuing the full actuarial pathway, not graduating from the Curtin degree.

Actuarial Science Major

This stream covers all eight CT exemptions

Semester One:

  • MATH3005 Survival Analysis CT4
  • MATH3006 Life Contingencies 1  CT5
  • STAT3001 Statistical Modelling CT6
  • STAT3006 Investment Science 1 CT8

Semester Two:

  • MATH3007 Life Contingencies 2 CT5
  • STAT3002 Risk Analysis and Credibility Theory CT6
  • STAT3007 Investment Science 2 CT8
  • Optional Unit: Select from STAT2003 Analytics for Experimental and Simulated Data, MATH2000 Network Optimisation, INDE2001 Logistics Modelling and Optimisation, STAT3003 Applied Statistics, MATH3001 Applied Mathematical Modelling, INVE3000 Introduction to Derivative Securities

Actuarial and Applied Statistics

This stream does NOT cover all eight CT exemptions, however is a broader degree.

Semester One:

  • STAT3001 Statistical Modelling CT6
  • STAT3000 Statistical Inference 
  • Elective
  • Elective

Semester Two:

  • STAT3003 Applied Statistics 
  • MATH3004 Industrial Project 
  • Optional Unit: Select from INVE3001 Portfolio Management, INVE3000 Introduction to Derivative Securities, MATH2000 Network Optimisation, INDE2001 Logistics Modelling and Optimisation, STAT2003 Analytics for Experimental and Simulated Data
  • Elective

CT Units may be chosen as electives.

See course handbooks for more information:

Actuarial Science Major:

Actuarial and Applied Statistics: