First Year

Semester One:

  • MATH1017 Accelerated Mathematics 1 or MATH1015 Linear Algebra 1 
  • ACCT1000 Introduction to Accounting CT2
  • STAT1002 Statistical Data Analysis CT3
  • STAT1001 Statistical Probability CT3
  • ACTL1001 Principles of Insurance and Superannuation 

Semester Two:

  • MATH1018 Accelerated Mathematics 2 or MATH1016 Calculus 1 
  • STAT1000 Regression and Non-Parametric Inference CT3
  • ECON 1001 Actuarial Economics CT7 (Alternative Study Plan Available)*
  • ACTL1000 Principles of Actuarial Science 
  • COMS1000 Science Communications 

ECON1000 Introductory Economics can be taken as an alternative unit. Note that students must also take ECON2001 as a second year optional unit should they choose this pathway.

Second Year

Semester One

  • FNCE2000 Introduction to Finance Principles CT2
  • STAT2001 Mathematical Statistics CT3
  • MATH2009 Calculus 2 
  • Optional Unit: Select from MATH2011 Operations Research, MATH2015 Mathematical Computing, INDE2000 Supply Chain Modelling and Optimisation, STAT1003 Introduction to Data Science, COMP1005 Fundamentals of Programming

Semester Two

  • MATH2004 Theory of Interest CT1
  • STAT3005 Stochastic Processes CT4
  • MATH2005 Practical Mathematical Financial Modelling 
  • Optional Unit: Select from STAT2003 Analytics for Experimental and Simulated Data, MATH2010 Linear Algebra 2, INDE2001 Logistics Modelling and Optimisation, MATH3001 Applied Mathematical Modelling, MATH2000 Network Optimisation, ECON2001 Macroeconomic Principles, COMP1005 Fundamentals of Programming,                                          

For more information, consult the Actuarial Science handbook on the Curtin website.