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Version History (changes made between versions)

Version 2.1 (current) - Released 26/07/2019

  • Further updates to information.

  • Bookmarks returned.

  • Spelling and grammar checks.

Version 2.0 - Released 13/07/2019

  • A soft release of the guide prior to full release of the semester 2 2019 edition.

  • Bookmarks temporarily removed, they will be added again in the aforementioned next version. Quick navigation is still possible via the table of contents and various internal links throughout the document.

  • Some information updated based on experience in semester 1 2019.

  • Adjustments based on feedback.

    • Formatting changes.

    • Fixed typos.

    • Removal of certain small components for various reasons.

  • Additional “useful links for students“ added.

Version 1 - Released 24/02/2019

  • Initial release of the guide.

  • Most information up-to-date prior to semester 1 2019.